SI for All

Help Us Stop the Chop!

What is SI For All?

Our mission is to protect our maritime forest from a plan to destroy it. YOU are the key to saving this natural wonder. Please join our cause today and help us prevent its destruction.

What is the Maritime Forest?

Sulllivan’s Island’s beach is growing (accreting) and that’s made it possible for a beautiful, protective, maritime forest to flourish.

Why We Must Stop the Chop!

Climate change is accelerating. The Maritime Forest provides hurricane storm surge protection and resilience.

Three Things You Can Do to Stop the Chop!

The deforestation of Sullivan’s Island is much larger than just an “island” issue. This land was put into a public trust for the benefit and enjoyment of ALL of us — and decisions on how our maritime forest is managed, should not be left in the hand of a few private homeowners who are fortunate enough to live on the first row. Please Help us Stop the Chop!

Make Your Voice Heard

Together we can let our elected officials and permitting agencies know that destroying the maritime forest isn’t good for anyone. Putting ocean views above nature, wildlife, hurricane storm surge protection and community resilience cannot be allowed, and your voice can make a big difference.

Sign our Online Petition

Tens of thousands of people have already signed our petition. Add your name and send a unified message that our maritime forest is a an important natural resource that should not be destroyed. Read our petition and then add your name. We appreciate your support!

Please Support Our Cause

Those that want to tear down our forest for “better views” are well-funded and we need to make sure our message is heard online, in print and on the airwaves. Your donation will help us save the forest that brings protection and beauty to Sullivan’s Island.


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Why We Must Stop the Chop

The plan to allow major cutting of the Maritime Forest is putting lives and property at risk. The forest provides natural resilence to hurricane storm surge.

What is the Maritime Forest?

Sullivan's Island is one of the luckiest barrier islands on the East Coast. Our beach is growing, not eroding and that's allowed our Maritime Forest to flourish.

What is Sullivan's Island for All?

Sullivan"s Island for All is dedicated to saving our beautiful and protective Maritime Forest.

Trees and shrubs at risk of destruction.


Acres of land comprise the maritime forest. A true gift from nature that some now want to tear down.


Fewer than 1 out of 10 people will benefit from the “ocean views” that this new cutting plan will promote to the detriment of nature, hurricane storm surge protection and our trees.


All of us, including visitors and residents, are now more at risk of losing our lives and property under this plan that benefits a few over the majority.