About Us

Who We Are

Sullivan’s Island For All was formed by a group of concerned residents and allies who are committed to preserving the incredible gift of the accreted land and Maritime Forest on Sullivan’s Island, put into a public land trust in 1991, for the benefit, education and enjoyment of ALL. But we can’t do it without YOU.

Our goals are to ensure this land is managed:

  • For public safety and health, in the face of the most dangerous threats to the island: hurricane storm surge and rising sea levels;
  • As a source of community-wide resiliency;
  • To preserve the incredible diversity of trees, shrubs, vines, dune grasses and wetlands that support nesting sea turtles, butterflies, bees, year-round and migratory birds, rabbits and other wildlife, and;
  • To ensure that all of us, residents, visitors and future generations, are able to enjoy this place of untamed natural beauty and serenity.

Board of Directors

Karen Byko
Cyndy Ewing
Howard Holl
Norman Khoury
Dan Krosse
Susan Middaugh

Photo Courtesy: Station 28.5 Photography