Police Investigating Destruction of Maritime Forest

Many citizens and nature lovers are outraged to see the mass cutting of the Maritime Forest near Station 25 on Sullivan’s Island. The extent of the apparently illegal cutting on this public land seems to be deliberately disguised, as it’s not visible from the adjacent boardwalk without closely looking.

Instead, the destruction of dozens of trees and other vegetation is best viewed from the sky.


“It is heartbreaking that someone would do this,” said Sullivan’s Island for All President Karen Byko. “Beyond the loss of trees, we have lost a large swath of wildlife habitat. Wetlands in this area also appear endangered.”

Police and town officials are investigating, but there have been no arrests.“We feel confident the town will investigate this crime vigorously and prosecute whoever is responsible,” Byko said. “We hope town officials will make it clear that this kind of activity will not be tolerated.”

At the Sullivan’s Island Town Council meeting on February 15, 2021, Councilmember Scott Millimet said the ordinance regarding illegal cutting needs to be revisited immediately to toughen punishment for illegal cutting. Millimet said jail time should be one consideration for those convicted of destroying trees and vegetation on this public land.

If you are outraged by what you see, please consider a donation to our organization so that we can continue to advocate for the forest and educate people about the importance of the forest’s preservation. The Maritime Forest is a unique natural environment that offers protection and resiliency to all island residents. A few front-beach residents want to cut the forest for better views. Please help us save this natural wonder. We Must Protect What Protects Us