Your Gift Can Help Save the Maritime Forest

Please Help us Preserve the Maritime Forest
The Sullivan’s Island maritime forest is at risk. YOU are the key to saving this natural wonder. Without your help, thousands of trees, shrubs and other vegetation may be removed or destructively cut, and a rare maritime forest may be lost forever.

  • Your donation will help protect what protect us. It is a natural, resilient barrier, protecting all of us from flooding, storm surge and hurricanes.
  • Your donation will help us hire legal counsel and other experts to advise us as we navigate through the legal and permitting processes, prepare expert testimony in anticipation of hearings, and continue to build awareness and grow support for our efforts.
  • Your donation will allow us to advocate for the forest through advertisements and advocacy pieces
  • Your donation will allow us to build education programs for the public to share the wonder and beauty of the maritime forest.

Take a stroll through the Maritime Forest, you won’t believe what will be lost if we don’t fight to protect it.

Sullivan’s Island For All
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Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

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NOTE: While Sullivan’s Island For All is a nonprofit corporation, it is classified as a social welfare organization under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code and, therefore, contributions or gifts to Sullivan’s Island For All are not tax deductible as charitable contributions.