Town to Hire a Director of Resilience & Natural Resource Management

We’re excited to report that, for the first time, Sullivan’s Island has approved the hiring of a Director dedicated to managing the town’s natural resources across the island, including the maritime forest and the marsh, and developing and implementing plans to increase the island’s resiliency. Sitting as we do on the frontline of climate change, having someone focused on actively managing our green infrastructure for our protection is a critical need! SI for All advocated for the position with Town Council and we cannot thank them enough for this forward thinking that will save the island’s beauty for generations to come.

The primary responsibilities of the Sullivan’s Island Director of Resilience and Natural Resource will include: a preservation, protection and management of Sullivan’s Island’s natural resources (maritime forest, accreted land, wetlands, greenspaces, rights of way) and b) development and implementation of plans to increase the Island’s resilience in dealing with threats such as sea level rise, rain-related flooding, hurricanes and other extreme weather events, and earthquakes.