Your Voice will Make a Difference!

Now’s the time to speak. Here are three ways YOU can use your voice to help save the SI Maritime Forest.

Use all or some of these General Talking Points when you call regulators & lawmakers:

  • I oppose cutting in the Sullivan’s Island Maritime Forest.
  • Removal and severe cutting of thousands of trees and shrubs leaves us dangerously vulnerable to our #1 threat on the island: hurricane storm surge, and asks us to pay to remove the centerpiece of our island resiliency plan, in order to give ocean views and breezes to a few.
  • It impacts fragile wetlands and wildlife habitats, a beautiful nature preserve, and introduces the use of poisonous herbicides in an area in which our children play, that could be absorbed in groundwater and carried out to the marshes in storm water runoff.
  • Land held in a public land trust should be managed for the benefit of the many, not the few, and the public deserves a voice.
  • Add your own thoughts on why preserving the Maritime Forest is important to you.

1. Support Our Town Council

  • The new SI Town Council assumed responsibility for managing the lawsuit settlement agreement. We understand their path forward is incredibly complex. As their first priority, we strongly encourage them to seek new legal counsel to provide a fresh perspective on potential ways to save the maritime forest, and then to be completely transparent with the public on what those options may or may not be.Please stay engaged and informed by attending Town Council Meetings. Show up, speak up, and let Council know that you support them as they navigate through managing the lawsuit settlement.

Town Council Members

Patrick M. O’Neil, Mayor

Bachman Smith, IV, Mayor Pro Tem

Greg Hammond

Scott Millimet

Justin Novak

Kaye Smith

Gary Visser

2. Contact DHEC-OCRM and the Army Corps of Engineers

Elizabeth Von Kolnitz, Chief, DHEC-OCRM
(843) 953-0252

Travis Hughes, Corps of Engineers
(843) 329-8044

Our goal is to ensure that the public gets input during public comment periods and public hearings.


  • Put your opposition in your own words and be sure to include points mentioned at the top of this page.
  • I would like to be added to the Public Interest List to receive notification of public comment periods and hearings related to the issuance of permits.

3. Contact State and U.S. Representatives

  • SC Senator “Chip” Campsen (843) 722-0123
  • SC Representative “Joe” Bustos (803) 212-6880
  • U.S. Representative Nancy Mace (843) 521-2530 or (202) 225-3176


  • Put your opposition in your own words and be sure to include points mentioned at the top of this page.
  • I ask you to call DHEC and Army Corp and ensure the public has an opportunity for public comments and a public hearing before permits for cutting are issued.
  • As environmentalists, I urge you to take a public stand with me.