The public’s interest in our efforts to save the Maritime Forest continues to grow. See the latest. news here. If you have contacts at national news outlets, please. reach. out to us today!

In an almost exact repeat of the troubling October meeting where four councilmembers rushed the original mediation plan through to a vote, the same councilmembers did it again in March with a revised cutting plan that could be worse for the forest.

Ignoring the Town’s own management plan that clearly states the value of the maritime forest as a barrier to storm surge — a group of 4 councilmembers pushed the cutting plan forward.

This investigation by the Post and Courier shows how mass tree removal is creating more flooding in the Charleston area.

The Maritime Forest is more than a century old and a small group of residents wants to cut it down for “better views.”

Your phone call and email to the state agencies who need to allow permits for this mass cutting will make a huge impact. Please tell them you oppose the proposed cutting.

The plan to allow major cutting of the Maritime Forest is putting lives and property at risk. The forest provides natural resilence to hurricane storm surge.

Sullivan’s Island is one of the luckiest barrier islands on the East Coast. Our beach is growing, not eroding and that’s allowed our Maritime Forest to flourish.

Sullivan”s Island for All is dedicated to saving our beautiful and protective Maritime Forest.

When beachfront homeowners decided to sue the Town of Sullivan’s Island because of the Maritime Forest, it started several years of a legal battle that have ended in this controversial “mediation” that is now threatening the future of the forest.