Why We Must Stop the Chop!

Why we must STOP THE CHOP!


Climate change is accelerating and we are being made more vulnerable from its effects.  Natural spaces for the public to enjoy and that provide critical wildlife habitat are rapidly disappearing. The trees and wetlands in our Accreted Land and Maritime Forest provide hurricane storm surge protection and are amazing (and free) storm water pumps. Leaving this land in its natural state makes us safer and more resilient. Why would we get rid of our trees, when we need them now more than ever?

  1. This is NOT “Selective Thinning”, Management or Conservation. This is destruction of THOUSANDS of trees & countless shrubs for two miles from Station 16 and 28.5 between front row homes and the beach.
  2. OUR PUBLIC SAFETY & RESILIENCE is at risk by removing our Hurricane Storm Surge protection

🌳 The “Vegetative Wall” (height, density, coverage and type of vegetation) between the beach and homes protects us from our #1 Threat: Hurricane storm surge. The shrubs and trees dissipate the wave energy and limit the distance damaging storm surge penetrates inland.

  1. OUR PUBLIC HEALTH is at risk by removing trees that absorb standing water, increasing our threat from mosquito-borne illness & flooding.

🌳 Forests and wetlands have involved into highly efficient pumps. Forests return 7 out of every 10 inches of rain to the atmosphere.

🌳 A mature tree can soak up 40,000 gallons a year [2]. They pump water through their roots, allowing more water from the ground to seep in and drain faster. Then they release this moisture in their canopies like misting humidifiers, cooling everything around them.

  1. ALL OF US will pay FOREVER to benefit a FEW. Rising FEMA Flood Insurance Rates. Damage to public & private property & infrastructure from hurricane storm surge and flooding.

🌳 The Open Space Institute calculated that every dollar invested in protecting flood-prone open space saves $5 in reduced impacts to homes and businesses [3].

  1. Migrating birds and other wildlife will suffer by removing critical habitat. Nesting sea turtles, monarch butterflies, hawks, ospreys, rabbits, and the many thousands of birds who use Sullivan’s as a migrationstopover site will be impacted.


  1. Natural Spaces are rapidly disappearing. The Maritime Forest is a place of untamed beauty and serenity. It was put into a public land trust so that our children, our grandchildren would have a place to discover and absorb the wonder of Mother Nature.

This is NOT compromise. We believe in compromise, but this Settlement provides ALL the benefits to a few at the expense of many.